Dinner party

Potřebujete praktickou slovní zásobu, kterou využijete na večírku, ať už jste hostitel nebo host? Tak tady je!

Things and people

1 A guest

2 A hostess

3 A serviette

4 A salt and pepper shaker

5 A bowl of salad

6 A catering dish

7 A lid

8 A serving spoon

9 A candle

10 A plate

What to say

11 Could I have a bit of the salad?

12 Of course. Help yourself.

13 Have we met before?

14 Oh, I don’t think so. This is my first time in Krumlov.

15 How are you enjoying the party. It is wonderful, isn’t it?

16 It is fantastic. The food is exquisite and Jenny is such a great hostess.

17 Do you know the middle-aged couple over there? They look familiar.

18 What music do you fancy?

19 I am not particular about music. Put on something dancy.

20 Oh, lord. Is he flirting with her?

Conversation samples


A: Paul, I’m glad you could make it!

B: It’s great to be here, Jenny. What a lovely place you have. And here are some goodies for on the table.

A: Oh, great! A bottle of wine and a quiche. Just what we needed. Thanks.

B: Do you think I might get a glass of wine?

A: Of course. Go ahead and help yourself.



B: How are you enjoying the party, Pam?

C: It is wonderful. The food is exquisite and Jenny is such a lovely hostess, isn’t she.

B: Exactly. And the house looks beautiful.

C: Yeah, they had an architect to design the interior but they paid through the nose for that.

B: Yes, I’ve heard about that. I am going to get a drink. Would you like one?

C: No, thanks. I still have some. Oh, I’ve just seen a friend of mine over there. It was nice talking to you.


Conversation 3 SAYING GOODBYE

B: I afraid I must be going, Jenny. It was an amazing party. Thanks for inviting me.

A: Thanks for coming, Paul. It was nice having you here.



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